Using Wicker Baskets for Storage

Published: 22nd June 2011
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Wicker baskets are generally a really traditional item, but nowadays it's easy to find newer looking wicker storage pieces. Like a dark coffee table with drawers, or brighten up your room with a lighter storage unit. Smaller wicker baskets are also great for counter tops in places like the kitchen or the bathroom. You can use them for fruit, bread, and treats in the kitchen, or to hide mail, paper, and pens in your office. For bathrooms, fill them with lotions, towels, and soaps. They are less clunky than wooden or plastic units, and make more sense than just leaving your items spread across the counter. There are many different styles of wicker baskets available, from Shabby Chic to Victorian type units. You can find a wicker basket for any décor. Wicker is extremely versatile, there's at least one unit suitable for every room in your house. There are chests, corner units, stair units, laundry baskets, TV units, and many more. There is one suitable for just about any application you can think of.

Wicker is a nice alternative to plastic or boxy wood storage pieces, its natural look will be sure to warm up any room. Wicker baskets come in many different sizes, colors, and styles; you can put them virtually anywhere. There's one made specifically for laundry, ones made just for stairs, and ones made for food.

Wicker is made from natural materials, that come from sustainable plantings. It does not emit harmful chemicals like some of the newer materials do. It is also very durable. Wicker is a resilient fiber and requires little maintenance as it hardly attracts dust, and damaged wicker can usually be repaired. Wicker also allows some air through it, where a solid cabinet doesn't, this helps prevent the formation of must, making wicker ideal for laundry, or bedding storage. Wicker can also give your home a warm feeling, but it can also make your space look much lighter.

Wicker baskets are also very light weight, so it is easy to move around from room to room, or just to move out of the way when you're cleaning around it. It's also safer around small children. Wicker baskets make excellent gifts because they are so versatile and anyone can make use of them. Wicker baskets are definitely the best solution for storage, and with so many to choose from you should have no problem finding the perfect basket for your space.

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